A Puzzle About the Fixity of the Past
Forthcoming in Analysis.

Grim Variations
, with John Waldrop
Forthcoming in Faith and Philosophy.

The Logic of Sequence Frames
Forthcoming in The Review of Symbolic Logic.

How (Not) to Construct Worlds with Responsibility
, with Pedro Merlussi
2021. Synthese 199: 10389-10413.

Counterfactuals, Counteractuals, and Free Choice
, with Pedro Merlussi
2021. Philosophical Studies 178: 445-469.
PreprintPublished version

Wierenga on Theism and Counterpossibles
2019. Philosophical Studies 176(3): 693–707.

‘Peer Disagreement’ and Evidence of Evidence
, with John Biro
2018. Logos and Episteme 9(4): 379–402.

Actuality, Tableaux, and Two-Dimensional Modal Logics
2018. Erkenntnis 83(3): 403–443.

Actuality and the A Priori
2018. Philosophical Studies 175(3): 809–830.

Natural Deduction for Diagonal Operators
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What is Evidence of Evidence Evidence of?
, with John Biro
2017. Logos and Episteme 8(2): 195–206.